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Corona virus


             So far 11,201 people were died due to corona virus over worldwide, while more than 267,013 people have been affected in all over world. Its fear is also seen outside China.At this time 267,013 people have fallen prey to this virus. He has also warned that at least four to five  people may be died  in 100 cases. Indians are canceling their plans to visit China. Scientists say that the deadly new virus spreading across Asia is more contagious than it was thought to be. Anyone who has been infected by this virus can spread it with just a simple cough or sneeze.


What is the corona virus?

Corona virus is a virus that can make animals and humans sick. It is an RNA type of virus it means that it breaks into cells inside a body and uses them to regenerate itself. The corona virus is spreading in Wuhan, China like never before. Therefore, not much information is available about it. Experts believe that the corona virus comes from a family of viruses that infect humans, cattle, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats and wild animals. Until this new corona virus was identified, there were only six different corona viruses to infect humans. Some of these cases caused a mild common cold disease. However, since 2002, two new corona viruses have been introduced that can infect humans and make them seriously ill.

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What are the preventive measures? 

  • The Ministry of Health has issued some guidelines to prevent corona virus. According to them,
  • Hands should be washed with any soap. 
  • Alcohol based hand rub can also be used.
  • Keep nose and mouth covered using handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing. 
  • Keep distance from people who suffering from cold and flu symptoms. Avoid intake of eggs and meat. 
  • Avoid contact with wild animals. 
  • Seven steps of the World Health Organization (WHO) The World Health Organization has outlined seven easy steps that can help prevent the spread of the corona virus and prevent infection itself.